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Sandals for women TukTuk sandals are handmade in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from knitted rope with synthetic uppers and high quality rubber soles for extra cushioning. These sandals fit snug on your feet, but are very comfortable and versatile. We even dare guarantee once you have them on you'll want to wear them all day long.
Thai people show a natural flair for combining style and function in many things they do. In this way, they've made the TukTuk sandal into the perfect travel shoe, as it is lightweight and durable, yet pleasant to the sight and well designed. TukTuks fit together flat, taking up no room at all in your purse, or backpack, and they are very easy to slip on and off your feet; and, like we said, once you have them on, you won't want to take them off.

Sandals for women
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Gladiator sandals
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Sandals for women
Whether you wear them at the beach, hiking in the mountains, on a flight, or simply treading down the street, you'll soon find yourself wondering what life was like before you started wearing your TukTuks.

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Our Sandals for women are 100% handmade, using traditional designs and methods, and are available in various Sizes and Colors 22.0 cm--------( 8.5 inch)----Thai 34------US 4
23.0 cm--------( 9.0 inch)----Thai 36------US 5.5
24.0 cm--------( 9.5 inch)----Thai 38------US 7
25.5 cm--------( 10 inch )----Thai 40------US 8
27.0 cm--------(10.5 inch)----Thai 42------US 9

*Sandals for women
Thai Sandals are uniquely Handmade and because of this the Color and Pattern may vary from one learn this here now pair to the next.

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